Zero Trust Data Recovery

Glyf is an encrypted data recovery tool powered by blockchain security

Glyf is the only solution that recovers and guarantees the authenticity of your data following a cyber breach


How it works

Step 1: Data Fingerprinting

  • Continuous SHA256 data hashing
  • Stored to the Bitcoin blockchain

Step 2: Encrypted Cloud Backup

  • End-to-end encrypted cloud storage
  • Trustless, verifiable data history
  • Unlimited version control

Step 3: Data Recovery

  • Large scale recovery
  • Reovered data fingerprints verified against the blockchain
  • Authenticity guaranteed by blockchain immutability

Who we are

Paz Grimberg photo

Paz Grimberg

CEO and Co-founder

Paz served as an officer in the Israel Defense Force’s elite cyber unit (Unit 8200), where he performed mathematical analysis of encryption algorithms, conducted vulnerability research in internet protocols such as TCP/IP, HTTP and DNS, and led the instruction of new recruits. Mr. Grimberg was part of a project that received Israel’s most prestigious national security award, the Israeli Defense Award, for outstanding contributions to homeland security.

After his military service, Paz worked as a Quantitative Analyst in an investment firm in NY where he developed a proprietary software platform, identifying vulnerabilities and hidden risks in a $3b portfolio.

Paz holds a BSc in Computer Science from Tel Aviv University, MSc in Mathematics from Tel-Aviv University and Masters in Financial Engineering from University of California, Berkeley.

Ryan Brunt photo

Ryan Brunt

CTO and Co-founder

Ryan worked as a data scientist in the healthcare industry where he implemented actuarial models, developed insurance fraud detection programs, and developed a patent-pending activity tracker for clinicians to use to monitor patients.

He published a paper in 2017 on the impact of cryptocurrency adoption within a criminal organization.

Ryan holds a BSc in Mathematics and Economics from Brigham Young University and a MSc in Computer Science from New York University.